Ontario Canada is the worst place in the World to promote a professional ring combative sporting event!
Michael McNamara's civil action against former Athletic Commissioners Ken
Hayashi, Alan Coleclough and her Majesty the Queen in  right of Ontario filed
in 2007 remains ongoing.  Do to unforeseen circumstances Michaels former

liberal lawyer held a major conflict of interest with the McGuinty/Wynne   

government causing Michael to self represent himself enduring additional
legal costs.                             
For over 10 years Michael has spent a fortune to acquire from the Freedom
of Information over ten thousand discovery documents that connects all 

the players to Coleclough and Hayashi's ring combative sport conspiracy

causing 3 plus decades  of systemic discrimination and bias against

all ring combative sports in Ontario.  Click to Gofundme



        I will not  let myself,

  my kids & my grand 

 children be denied their

 sport of choice with fear

 induced criminal charges

 & prosecution by the past

 provincial Wynne Liberal

 government & Hayashi's

 ministry gang.

   I promoted an non -

  contact  karate event that

  was not sanctioned by a

  (PSO) Provincial Sport

  Organization deemed

  illegal & criminal.

  This unconstitutional law

  infringes on our precious

  freedoms & rights for all

  in Ontario who participate

  in the martial arts  


 Order in Council 10/87/2017 & the transfer of (MGCS) over to the 
   (MTCS) was not coincidental, it was conspired via Hayashi and
                    others related to Michaels civil action. 


          See petition against              

           Order of Council              



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The bias against all ring


sports has crossed over to 

traditional martial arts


Ken Hayashi is gone...

but his ring combative sport conspiracy

 lives on with the new PC government

Ministers and Premiere Doug Ford 

                                                                  having no knowledge     

Listen up fight fans, promoters, fighters the

 public you need to stop complaining and  

                  and fight back.                         

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Michael and Martin McNamara known as the Twin Dragon promoted 28
professional kick-boxing events under Hayashi's abusive command ending in 2004. Years later, Michael filed a civil lawsuit against Hayashi and others after his Hayashi complaint investigation was closed for damage control.  Discovery documents, Ontario Archive and Freedom of Information records in the thousands provide definitive evidence of Systemic Persistent Discrimination and Bias against all pro/am Ring Combative Sports in Ontario. 
June 2013, the federal government amended S.83. Under the new law, provinces  may
also require organizers of these competitions to get permission from the province before holding their event.  Permission for approved safety requests were made and continually ignored.  
   July 1/2017 the Wynne Government is now forcing ring combative athletes to join their
government funded PSO requiems. Either you quit your sport of choice or run the risk of
                                      being criminally charged and prosecuted.
    Commissioner Hayashi since 1995 with no legal authority has threatened and
    unlawfully charged several amateur promoters and the Twins. With the transfer of  the  Athletic Office over to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and  Sport prior to Hayashi retiring confirms that the Wynne government is now having the police do their dirty work to charge non-government PSO amateur ring combative promoters. 
 Note.  Illegal fight martial art tournaments of all styles continue to promote illegally via prize money and contact for decades with Hayashi's repeated refusal to lay rightful criminal charges and prosecution allowing them to promote as they please. 
Note:  Hockey, football, rugby and other contact sports that are not sanctioned by any
   PSO are free to promote their sport of choice without fear induced criminal charges.      
             The injustice, bias and inequality remains TARGETED directly at all ring  
                                                         combative sports.  
     Please view our below DVD to confirm our credibility as our actions speak louder than
      words. Fact the Twin Dragons should have been as big or at best the UFC's major 
   competitor if it not been for Coleclough and Hayashi.   It's time to fight back!

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It is important that you read the Following!

101 Facts about Ontario's retired Athletics Commissioners Allan Coleclough and Ken Hayashi

on this same page
  then go to and read
 You will be able to connect all the dots to inspire thousands of victims along with the public at large to come forward to have this government do the RIGHT THING





Allan Coleclough & Ken Hayashi


1 Who went before cabinet failing to stop the biggest professional live kick-

boxing event that was coming to Toronto? Hayashi & Coleclough

2 Who help to ban the sport of Kick-boxing in Ontario described as a

phenomenon in 1983 ?  Hayashi & Coleclough

3 Who masterminded and created the world’s only ring combative sport

conspiracy still engaged at present?  Hayashi & Coleclough

4 Who was the karate expert serving on the Hudson Report that agreed

to ban all forms of boxing and kick-boxing for life?  Hayashi

5 Who owned four (traditional Japanese karate schools)?    Hayashi

6 Who had a blatant conflict of interest being hired to eliminate his

martial art competitor the new sport of kickboxing?  Hayashi

7 Who had everything to lose and so much gain financially and personally 

serving on the Hudson Report ?  Hayashi

8 Who belonged to the GANG OF FOUR a self-described conspiratorial gang

serving their own interests to ban kick-boxing?  Coleclough & Hayashi

9 Who was the Chief government investigator who put Hayashi on the

bias and rigged Hudson Report?  Coleclough

10 Who fabricated a pre-planned propaganda campaign of safety flip flops

printed in the press '' kick-boxing is potentially lethal, brutal & dangerous

than boxing '' '' It's the new blood sport of the 80's '' '' A kick to the head can

be 20 to 100 time’s greater force than a punch?  Hayashi & Coleclough

11 Who said in his letter to Minister Dr. Elgie regarding the first highly ever

televised Kick-boxing event ‘’ Dr.Hudson & Dr.Stewart said it was the best run

and the most safely conducted fight card they have ever seen’’ ?  Coleclough

12 Who in this same letter wrote '' I would personally recommend that the

wisest course of action is to immediately amend the Act to include kick-boxing

to authorize the passage of the regulations?  Coleclough. These are the same

unfair regulations at present.

13 Who ignored Commissioner Gray's conclusion that the new sport of kick-

boxing was a lot safer than boxing ? Coleclough & Hayashi

14 Who made sure that interim regulations from the Hudson Report for

contact martial art tournaments did not become law via Minister Dr. Elgie?

Coleclough & Hayashi.

15 Who help to ban the sport of Thai-boxing in 1983 never to be regulated

professionally in Ontario?  Coleclough & Hayashi

16 Who drafted unfair regulations in 1983 via the Hudson Report using the

new sport of kick-boxing as the sacrificial lamb to destroy all forms of boxing

in Ontario as history has proven? Hayashi & Coleclough

17 Who passed Hayashi & Coleclough’s drafted unfair regulations into law via

his anti-boxing boss Minister Dr. Elsie in charge of boxing ?  Coleclough

18 Who used 14 of his karate students without Commissioner Gray's presence

or knowledge in the bias & pre-determined Hudson Report related to the

biomechanical dummy study to ban Kick-boxing?  Coleclough & Hayashi

19 Who ignored the biomechanical study which was inconclusive as adequate

grounds for banning the sport of kick-boxing? Coleclough & Hayashi

20 Who did not notify Commissioner Gray about the secretive meetings with

the Gang of Four & Minister Dr. Elgie to ban kickboxing?  Coleclough

21 Who was the person who asked Commissioner Gray if he could hire 

Hayashi to help with pro/boxing ?  Coleclough

22 Who was the Karate adviser serving on the Hudson Report who outlawed

the spinning back fist strike in kick-boxing still illegal at present ?  Hayashi

23 Who was the person who told his karate students that he would be getting

Commissioner Gray's Athletic job to screw kick-boxing?   Hayashi


24 Who severed amateur boxing from competing on the same fight card in

Ontario?  Coleclough & Hayashi

25 Who was the person given special mention from Minister Dr. Elgie for his

invaluable assistance working with the Hudson Report? Coleclough

26 Who was the Karate adviser on the Hudson Report who failed to

recommend that amateur kick-boxing receive amateur PSO recognition?  




27 Who help to introduced new costly upfront medical monitoring and fighter

purse fees for kick-boxing & boxing that no other jurisdiction has ? Hayashi &


28 Who failed to pass into law regulations for contact & prize fight contact

martial art tournaments while serving on the Hudson Report ? Coleclough and



29 Who stated in a letter sent to Minister Dr. Elgie  regarding the victory party

they had on the day the Hudson Report was completed ? The Gang of Four,

Coleclough, Hayashi, Dr. Hudson & Dr. Stewart


30 Who created an unfair martial arts playing field in Ontario still engaged

illegally at present ? Hayashi & Coleclough


31 Who was the person who made kick boxers from out of province obtain a

professional boxing license to compete as a kick boxer?  Hayashi &Coleclough


32 Who hired Hayashi as his Deputy Assistant in 1990? Commissioner


33 Who stopped the Twin Dragons from demonstrating the sport of Kick-

boxing at the Chin Picnic ? Commissioner Coleclough & Hayashi

34 Who was responsible in 1995 for hiring Hayashi to become the new Athletic

Commissioner? Commissioner Coleclough

35 Who was responsible for Sec. 83 criminal threats since 1990 against

amateur ring combative event promoters in Ontario? Coleclough & Hayashi

36 Who since 1990 to the present failed as the law requires to criminally

charge illegal contact prize fight martial art events ?  Coleclough & Hayashi

37 Who laid wrongful Sec. 83 criminal charges against promoters of amateur

kick-boxing, Thai-boxing & grappling events that started in 1998? Hayashi


38 Who railroaded and convicted the above promoters under Sec.83 with the

threat of releasing their names and martial art schools to the media? Hayashi

39 Who laid criminal charges against a group of promoters who organized a

MMA event on an Ontario native reserve failing to show up in court?  Hayashi

40 Who ignored the 2002 Conservative Review of professional boxing in

Ontario and its 13 recommendations to help the sport of pro/boxing?  Hayashi

41 Who made this quote in the Toronto Sun “my job is not to help this sport”?


42 Who had the power & legal authority to draft new regulations for the sport

of PRO/MMA, Muay-Thai & Thai-boxing for legislative approval ?  Hayashi

43 Who kept the sport of professional & amateur MMA out of Ontario? 

Hayashi & Barbara Lyon Stewart

44 Who misinformed promoters in and out of Ontario that there was a five

year moratorium on mixed martial arts?  Hayashi

45 Who made this quote in the Toronto Sun “ they will get the bums rush”

when referring to Mixed Martial Arts coming to Toronto?  Hayashi

46 Who for 3 straight years tried to stop the MMA EXPO trade show?  Hayashi

47 Who asked this MMA Expo promoter to change his trade name to

something else?   Hayashi

48 Who presented York Regional police with a power point presentation with

emphasis on MMA related to failed S.83 charges being laid against the Twin

Dragons for a demonstration of amateur MMA?   Hayashi

49 Who closed and re-opened his karate schools with two different names

while in command of the Athletic Office ?  Hayashi  

50 Who was the civil servant who kept the UFC and MMA out of Ontario by


using S.83 to suit his bias interpretation of the law?  Hayashi


51 Who was the civil servant with his bias S.83 interpretation to wrongfully &

selectively criminally charge promoters of amateur MMA, Kick-boxing & Thai-

boxing events in Ontario? Hayashi

52 Who has had the legal authority along with his duties to draft new

regulations for legislative approval for the sport of MMA, whereby he replied '' I

must point out that it is not part of my duties to submit proposals regarding

legislation and regulations?  Hayashi

53 Who was quoted in the Toronto Sun regarding S.83 to stop the UFC and

MMA from entering Ontario, saying '' we won’t allow it '' '' It is not legal ''?


55 Who was quoted in the Toronto Sun saying '' it is not his job to promote


Boxing or MMA as other commissions do'' ?   Hayashi    


56 Who with great arrogance was qouted saying '' you can come if you want  


to lose money'' to a state side MMA promoter ?  Hayashi 


57 Who was quoted in the Toronto Sun '' I don't make the regulations''?  


58 Who used the Twin Dragons as the complaintants to wrongfully charge

amateur ring combative event promoters under S.83?  Hayashi

59 Who with bias was investigating alleged safety violations regarding

amateur boxing that took 3 years to complete?  Hayashi

60 Who is the commissioner who makes decisions with no appeal process

when other jurisdictions have a 3 person boxing commission?  Hayashi

61 Who with proven safety violations ignored serious injuries that occurred to

children and adults engaging in contact & illegal prize fight contact martial art

events?  Hayashi

62  Who allows the above proven safety violations to remain illegal at

present while implementing ring combative sport safety initiatives?  Hayashi

63 Who help to kept the Ontario Amateur Kickboxing Council PSO application

from 1994 to 2005 dead in it's tracks? Hayashi 

64 Who help to kept Ontario Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Association dead in

it's tracks from 2005 to 20012 ? Hayashi 

65 Who help to take away & revoke the Canadian Amateur Muay Thai Ass. of

Ontario PSO recognition?  Hayashi 

66 Who was responsible for causing randum safety check audits against

amaterur ring combative sports only?  Hayashi

67 Who was responsible for creating a memorandum of understanding related

to amateur ring combative sports only?  Hayashi 

68 Who recommended the amateur ring combative sport safety initiative?



69 Who with amateur kick-boxing demmed illegal caused first time non-

experienced kick-boxers to obtain a professional licence allowing them to enter

the professional arena to get seriously injured ?  Hayashi

70 Who with amateur mma demmed illegal caused first time non-experience

mma fighters to obtain a professional licence allowing them to enter the

professional arena to get seriously injured ?  Hayashi

71 Who went before the senate committee to change S.83 prize fight law 

to charge non-government sanctioned amateur ring combative promoters by

way of indictment or under summary conviction?  Hayashi

72 Who went before the senate committee to increase stronger penalties

under summary convictions from 2000 to 5000 dollars or six months in jail

while refusing to criminal charge and prosecute illegal prize fight martial art

promoters?  Hayashi

73 Who went before the senate saying he was the only commission in Canada

to lay criminal charges under S.83?  Hayashi

74 Who went before the senate to say that he has regulations for professional

combative sports that no other jurisdiction has?  Hayashi

75 Who is the last commissioner and province to pass an Order of Council to

legalize amateur combative sports since the criminal code was amended in

2013?  Hayashi

76 Who pays his karate students, son, wife and illegal prize fight martial art

promoter buddies to work professional combative events?  Hayashi

77 Who allows amateur PSO’ s & illegal prize fight martial art event promoters

to break the law while others abide by the law are subjected to criminal

charges, wrongful prosecution to be labeled as criminals?  Hayashi

78 Who turns a blind eye when it comes to PSO's competing in professional

combative events in jurisdictions that have no Athletic Commissions?  Hayashi

79 Who failed to suspend the above PSO fighter’s professional kick-boxers

license for partaking in non-commission jurisdictions?   Hayashi

80 Who failed to force the above knocked out fighters to undergo full medical

tests followed by a 60 day suspension?  Hayashi

81 Who failed to force the above fighters to obtain a professional fighter

license to legally compete in and out of Ontario?  Hayashi 

82 Who with knowledge has failed to revoke the above PSO for its fighters and


officials partaking in non-commission jurisdictions?  Hayashi & others


83 Who, when it comes to licensing of officials, conflict of interest, participants

in non-sanctioned amateur government events and policy’s posted on the

(MGCS) website makes and breaks his own rules and policy’s regarding the

above breeches to suit his dictatorship regime?  Hayashi

84 Who with fraudulent safety concerns turns a blind eye to UFC doping in

Ontario? Hayashi

85 Who turns a blind eye to having no out of competition dope testing to

include day of competition?  Hayashi

86 Who as the regulator allows the UFC promoter to call the shots on

performance enhancing drugs ?  Hayashi

87 Who with fraudulent safety concerns does not require drug testing of

fighters, and does not have a list of prohibited drugs?  Hayashi

88 Who has two set of rules and regulations regarding safety concerns and

who gets criminally charged?  Hayashi

89 Who after the Twin Dragons defeated his wrongful criminal charges in court

continued to engage the police to stop non-prize amateur events?  Hayashi &


90 Who has refused to grant an event licence for combative events two weeks

apart ?  Hayashi


91 Who failed to (Under duties/Responsibilities) identify and analyzes needs

and trends and drafts or provide input to new /revised policy and

recommendations for legislative changes to help all ring combative sports he

rules over ?  Hayashi

92 Who serving on the 1983 Hudson Report continues to allow martial art

tournaments both contact and prize fight contact tournaments to compete on

hardwood & concrete floors free from any safety audits & safety initiatives ? 


93 Who having exclusive control in a dominate position year after year

systemically and arbitrarily imposed upfront increased medical monitoring fees,

cancelled events, wrongful discretion, abusive match making all designed to

eliminate or keep ring combative sports on death row?   Hayashi

94 Who with his conflict and bias enlisted other bias government agents to

kept S.83 criminal charges and prosecution against all ring combative amateur

event promoters in Ontario?  Hayashi

95 Who as a part time consultant refused to except PKA professional kick

boxers licensed passports?  Hayashi

96 Who with no legal authority over amateur sports failed on two separate

occasions to charge the Twin Dragons under S.83 for promoting two amateur

crown approved kickboxing events ? Hayashi

97 Who with no legal authority over amateur sports criminally charged a

amateur thai-boxing promoter who staged his event in his own school who 

defeated the charges to include the crowns appeal whereby the Twin Dragons

weeks later were also criminally charged only to lose for a third time in court?


98 Who with his conflict of interest boldly advetized his karate schools in the

Yellow Pages that read (Consultant to the Ontario Athletic Commission on Kick-

boxing, Boxing, Research in Safety and Regulations?   Hayashi


99 Who allows dangerious same day weigh-ins refusing to comply with

established world safety standards applicable to professional boxing? Hayashi


94 Who described Boxing, Kick-boxing and MMA in their statement of defense

and discovery of examinations as Blood Sports Coleclough & Hayashi

95 Who was quoted in the Toronto Sun “ I love the game weather it is boxing,

kick-boxing or grappling it has been my whole life ” ?  Hayashi

96 Who has criminally charged & prosecuted amateur non prize combative

event promoters forcing them to join their oppressive requime that has

grouped Kick-Boxing, Muay-thai, Thai-boxing and MMA sport disaplines into

one PSO for their own best interests and control?  Hayashi &  others.

97 Who has made Ontario Canada the number one most difficult place on

planet earth to sucessfully promote a professional ring combative sport event ?

Coleclough & Hayashi.

98 Who has never hired an assistant deputy since he became the Athletic

Commissioner ? Hayashi

99 Who resurected, misapplied & misused the obsure S. 83 prize fight law as

part of their master plan to destroy all ring combative sports in Ontario to

protect their traditional karate, and karate schools ?  Coleclough & Hayashi

100 Who has put boxing, kick-boxing & mma on death row since 1983 to the

present as history has proven ? Coleclough & Hayashi

101 What government since 2004 having full knowledge has supported and

contributed to these sport atrosities allowing three plus decades of persistant

systemic discrimination, bias and culture sport genoside to continue at

present ? The Liberal McGuinty Wynne government


It's time to fight back!


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