These Twin Dragon clubs are still open:

Danforth club -Lou
Woodbridge club - Mario
North club - Rick

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Forty years later and two related lawsuits filed by Michael McNamara are the only reasons commissioner Hayashi and other agents supported by this government have stopped (as of 2013) charging and prosecuting with selective bias, amateur kick-boxing, muay thai and MMA events. Please read below Hayashi's destructive history and more. Pledge your support for this ongoing legal battle to end the world's only ring combative sport conspiracy. 



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They took away our identity...our way of life...and...who we are...
The Twin Dragon (EST. 1972-2012)

The twins have permanently closed down their own schools  after 40 years and were forced into unwanted retirement. This website is dedicated to informing the public, Canada and the rest of the world regarding the world's only ring combative sports conspiracy. It is still actively engaged by one of its co-founders, Ontario's Athletics Commissioner, Ken Hayashi and other recruited government agents and ministries.

As an amateur or professional athlete, being denied your sport of choice by any person or government would be totally unthinkable. Think Again. To be wrongfully charged, censored and persecuted for participating in the sport of ones free choice is unthinkable. Think again.

This website will expose a lifetime of unspeakable conduct by commissioner Ken Hayashi and other government agents who hate, despise, sensor, monopolize, persecute and label certain amateur and professional sports such as Mixed Martial Arts, Kick-Boxing, Thai and Muay Thai as BLOOD SPORTS and CRIMINAL.