About Us

Born Irish, born catholic and born to fight in any way shape or form. Be it physically, mentally and legally in a court of law both criminal and civil for our rights, beliefs and freedom. It's in our nature, we are rebels, the underdogs ready and willing to serve, win, lose or draw. As youngsters growing up in Belfast Ireland, our parents decided to immigrate to Toronto Canada along with our older brothers and sisters for a better life, to be free and escape the reality of political incarnation or death.

Forty plus years later my brother and I would be brought back to our place of birth by the Belfast government who supported a protestant kick-boxing promoter (Bill Murray) knowing that sports unites people of different cultures, religions and ethnic backgrounds. The irony of it all leaving Ireland for freedom to make an honest living growing up in Canada to accomplish the aforementioned and much more becoming an institution , a permanent martial art fixture would come to a crashing end. Through no fault of our own, since 1983 we have been classified as criminals. To this day treated as second class citizens with no rights, wrongfully censored, wrongfully and knowingly persecuted as victims of an unfair martial art playing field. This ended our amateur and professional kick-boxing events, forcing us into unwanted retirement with the unforeseen closing of our

Twin Dragon schools after 40 years. All caused by Athletics Commissioner Ken Hayashi and other government co-conspirators related to the «GANG OF FOUR», supported by our Liberal provincial government.

This website is another way of fighting back to set the record straight with factual documents to remove any doubt and to solve the mystery as to why all these combative ring sports are on death row and who did it.