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Order Twin Dragon DVD movies through Paypal!!

posted May 18, 2010, 7:02 AM by Michael McNamara   [ updated Aug 23, 2011, 6:07 AM ]

Twin Dragon movies are finally available on DVD! You can purchase our 1st self produced Martial Art movie "Twin Dragon Encounter" (which is Canada's FIRST Martial Art VIDEO release) along with our 2nd release (the sequel) "Dragon Hunt" (which is Canada's FIRST Martial Art THEATRICAL release) named by many as being a classic!
Our 2 pack DVDs are on sale now for $20.00!  Order today!

Twin Dragon Encounter:

Twin Dragon Encounter is about the celebrated identical twin martial artists (kung fu and kick-boxing) who take their girlfriends to a remote island for what they hope will be a quiet and relaxing vacation. However they are terrorized by a group of weekend mercenaries. Despite the twins' efforts to avoid trouble and enjoy their holiday, the girls are kidnapped and the twins, although vasly out-numbered, must fight for theit safe return.

Dragon Hunt (Part 2):
Mad Man Jake and his People's Private Army set the captured twins loose on an island with three shifts of killers hot on their trail. Out-numbered and out-gunned the twins are in trouble. But Mick and Martin always the underdogs and always with a reputation to fight to their last breath soon take the upper hand. The hunters become the hunted as the game takes a deadly turn. The world champion kick-boxing twins leap into action systematically destroying the People's army - one by one!