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Twin Dragons sue Athletics Commission and the Ont. Government!

posted Dec 9, 2010, 6:29 PM by Michael McNamara   [ updated Dec 9, 2010, 6:48 PM ]

Twin Dragons WIN in court! - Freedom for all Sports!

posted Sep 20, 2009 2:21 PM by Twin Dragon   [ updated May 6, 2010 8:08 AM ]


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March 4, 2010 


To: Michael McNamara, President

       Twin Dragon Kung-Fu and Kick-Boxing Club


Dear Mr. McNamara:


Re: summary of results of POA charges


Further to your request, I am providing a brief summary of the results of the court case on January 27, 2010 in Newmarket wherein we defended successfully the charges against you and your brother Martin pursuant to various charges under the POA (Provincial Offences Act).


More specifically, the six charges against both of you related to


(a) s. 17(1) and s. 116 (1)(b)(ii) under the Consumer Protection Act,

(b) s. 8 (1)(a) of Reg 52 to the ACA and s. 13(2) of the Athletics Control Act and

(c) s. 2(2) and s. 10(1) of the Business Names Act.


After numerous judicial pre-trials and negotiations, the charges relating to the CPA and the BNA were withdrawn thereby leaving only the charges the ACA.


After the second day of trial, JP Solomon concurred with my motion for a non-suit and dismissed the outstanding charges on the basis that the crown had not proved the essential elements of the case.


As well, as you are aware, prior to the laying of these Provincial charges, the Ministry and the provincial prosecutor intervened with the police and the crown attorney’s office in an attempt to have both you and your brother charged under s. 83 of the Criminal Code.  I interceded and successfully negotiated a settlement whereby you did not have to attend at the police station for questioning with the likely consequence of being charged thereafter. Further, the crown attorney’s office decided that it was not in the public interest to prosecute amateur events pursuant to the heavy hand of the Criminal Code.


Consequently you were permitted to proceed with your exhibition by amateur fighters provided that safety regulations similar to those employed by CASK were in place.


There is no current specific requirement that you promote your fight under the banner of CASK, as admitted by the civil lawyers in their Statement of Defence.

Thus you may safely continue to pursue your amateur fights without fear of criminal charges or potential charges under the ACA or POA provided that the agreed upon safety and insurance elements that we discussed earlier are in place.


These letters and documents are a must read in order for all to understand how the Ontario Athletics Commission (Ken Hayashi) and various Ministries tried to wrongfully prosecute Twin Dragons because they had the courage to do the right thing and promote all forms of amateur combative sports (including MMA which was also featured at two of the Twin Dragon events). These latest charges were against all forms of Boxing and Kick-Boxing and have been extended to include the sport of MMA to stop it at all cost starting at the amateur level.

The prejudice, bias and sensorship of Mr. Hayashi and various Ministries were shared and assisted by CASK (Canadian Association of Sort Kickboxing) and KO (Kickboxing Ontario) for their own greed and desire to monopolize all combative sport in Ontario.

Below is an open letter from Twin Dragon regarding their amateur combative events.

Below are documents from Ken Hayashi's malicious charges against Twin Dragons (Michael and Martin McNamara). See all who were involved in trying prosecute Twin Dragons!