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Toronto used to be the capital city for professional boxing in Canada. Back in the days Toronto boxing greats like Sammy Luftspring, Joey Bagnato, George Cavaulo, Clyde Gray, Scean O'Sullivan and Toronto's last big claim to fame Lennox Lewis was the talk of the town. There was a time when pro and amateur boxing fight cards filled Maple Leaf Gardens. What happened?  How did Toronto boxing end up in this dieing state of being along with other ring fighting sports facing the same dilemma?                                                                                                                                                        

In the early 80's and 90's Toronto became the capital city for the exciting new sport of Kickboxing described as a worldwide phenomenon. It was highly popular under the Twin Dragon McNamara brother's promoting 28 professional kickboxing events airing on National TV producing several Toronto World Kick-boxing Champions. Over time these champions and their sport where forced into unwanted early retirement. 

Kickboxing was replaced by the new sport of Mixed Martial Arts combining boxing, kickboxing and other martial arts eventually being legalized in Ontario scattering all UFC attendance records. Despite its enormous success, Ontario MMA went the down the same highway to nowhere as the UFC vacated Toronto with the uncertain date of its possible return.  In three short years Ontario MMA promoters find themselves with boxing and kickboxing on DEATH ROW.  How is it possible that the great city of Toronto that has hosted all these ring combative sports, once so popular end up on Death Row?

It's been the same old stories re-hashed in countless newspapers with the public and all involved in the fight game blaming one guy, Ken Hayashi.

The unthinkable.  As an amateur or professional athlete, being denied your sport of choice by any person or government would be totally unthinkable in Canada. Think again.  To be wrongfully charged, censored and persecuted for participating in the sport of your own free choice is unthinkable in Canada. Think again.  The denial of one's basic right to earn an honest living by way of their sport of choice, to achieve his or her athletic goals and pursue their life long dreams, for Canadians involved in ring combative sports, does not exist in Ontario. The public at large remain clueless to the above unthinkable real story behind the death of Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA at both amateur and professional levels.

Canadians will have to except the fact, that Ontario is the only place on planet earth where by a hidden government ring combative sports conspiracy exists, formed in 1983 and is still actively engaged to this day. The masterminds behind this sport conspiracy are past and present Athletic Commissioners Allan Coleclough and Kenneth Hayashi.

This discovery came as Michael and Martin McNamara known as the Twin Dragons premiered their third produced and starred in film for obvious reasons titled '' The Right to Fight. '' Having no happy ending with the death of their sport kick-boxing, the decision was made not to sell this true to life film. Their goal was to find the truth and insert it at the films end. So the twins embarked on this investigative journey to find the truth suspecting Athletics Commissioner Ken Hayashi's abuse and bias tied to his conflict of interest unravelled far more than they could ever imagine and the worst was yet to come. 

History Update. Ken Hayashi quit high school at grade ten, employed as a night shipper before he opened his first karate school. One would have to ask how Hayashi became the Commissioner and who put him there. By chance Allan Coleclough in1982 joined Hayashi's Aiki Kempo Karate school where by a master student close relationship formed.  Coleclough just happened to be the Assistant Deputy to Commissioner Clyde Gray and the Chief Government Investigator of the Business Practices Division working under Minister Dr. Robert Elgie, a neurosurgeon, lawyer and anti-boxing who ruled over of the Athletic Office and boxing. Coleclough was on a personal mission to find employment for Hayashi with in the Athletic Office.  After going bankrupted in the karate school business regardless of his come back to own and operate four Karate schools, Hayashi needed assurance through Coleclough to get that Commission job.  Coleclough asked Commissioner Clyde Gray to hire Hayashi to which Gray replied he’s a karate guy he knows nothing about boxing.

When the Final Report of Task Force on Boxing in Canada was completed in 1981, it recommended that more studies for the new sport of kick-boxing was needed if it was to be regulated by the Athletic Office.

Coleclough put Hayashi on this first kick-boxing study with himself, Commission Gray and the Athletic Doctor Bruce Stewart attending three professional kick-boxing events in Ontario sanctioned by the PKA, a world-wide organization with a perfect nine year safety record.  After the study, Gray concluded that professional kick-boxing was a lot safer than conventional boxing.  Eight months later that perfect nine year PKA safety record along with this new kick-boxing safety study was tossed out the window.  All the above became meaningless to be completely disregarded by Minister Dr. Elgie with no reasonable explanation as to why.

The real truth lies in Coleclough and Hayashi’s master plan for their up and coming ban on kick-boxing and the making of the Hudson Report that connects all the dots that formed a ring combative sport conspiracy in 1983 that is still actively engaged that has put all these ring fighting sports on Death Row.

Late December 1982 Molson’s brewery along with the promoter began advertising their action packed kick-boxing televised commercials, “The action will Blow you away’’  ” Kickboxing is the fastest growing contact sport of the 80’s’’  Hayashi and Coleclough were also blown away by the reality that their traditional Japanese Karate and Hayashi's schools could disappear. Kick-boxing was exciting, the new thing as Sports Illustrated wrote its ratings in the U.S. were higher than football and boxing.  Hayashi the pure traditionalist was concerned since his livelihood, tournaments, belt grading, school enrolment, ego and the entire mystics of the martial arts would be threatened by this new sport.

It was all coming to Hayashi’s karate turf with corporate sponsors, television and the most talked about kick-boxing fighter on the planet the ICEMAN Jean Eves Theriault. The potential losses to traditional martial arts brought to the foreground the application of bias and a conflict of interest from Hayashi and Coleclough. Something had to be done and quickly.

Two days before the big event, Coleclough doing the dirty work for Hayashi, with Minister Dr. Elgie's present, asked cabinet to ban kick-boxing, but failed. The next day they returned, this time cabinet accepted Coleclough's manipulation and proposed that Minister Dr. Elgie set a date for a moratorium on the sport of kick-boxing.  A three month study turned out to be a three year ban.

In a letter Minister Dr. Elgie gave instructions to Coleclough to allow the Molson's card scheduled for the next day to proceed under their strict supervision and contact qualified people to determine if they would serve on such a commission. This letter by Coleclough indicated that he has already started his master plan and has pre-picked his two doctors and Hayashi for this second study to serve on the fourth coming rigged and pre-determined committee.  This letter proves that safety was and still is a complete farce, a major con job to justify banning their martial art competitor kick-boxing with safety being wrongfully applied to destroy amateur and professional boxing at the same time.

On the day of the Molson event, Hayashi with zero boxing or kick-boxing experience supervised the weigh-in and the pre-fight check on the fighters.  The karate boys came to find safety violations to apply them to Minister Dr. Elgie’s fourth coming ban on kick-boxing.  They found nothing but the truth to back up the PKA's perfect nine year safety record.  Commissioner Gray arrived as a guest, oblivious to what had occurred behind his back. From here on in, Gray was kept in the dark having no knowledge about this new ring combative sports conspiracy, master minded by his Deputy Assistant Coleclough. This event was sold out, the press was very positive with doctors, Stewart and Hudson in Coleclough's letter saying ''it was the most safely and professionally fight card that they had ever seen.'

Immediately after the event, records show that Coleclough began working with crown lawyers to resurrect the obscure S. 83 prize fight law for Minister Dr. Elgie's ban on kick-boxing. Hayashi under the fraudulent disguise of safety is on the government payroll working to destroy his martial art competitor kick-boxing and boxing in a position of blatant conflict and bias.  After the doctors failed to ban boxing in the 1981 Task Force on Boxing they had to make kick-boxing appear far more dangerous than boxing. The word safe regarding kick-boxing became a conspired pre-planned propaganda campaign of safety flip flops with distorted lies necessary for the coming ban that will be joined with boxing to pacify the anti-boxing doctors, Minister Dr. Elgie and the CM A.

Safety flip flop quotes came just three days after the most safely and professional event Dr. Hudson and Dr. Stewart had ever seen.  Safety flip flop quotes were printed in the Medical Post and newspapers. '' Kickboxing is more potentially lethal, brutal and dangerous than boxing.'' '' Kick-boxing is the new BLOOD SPORT of the 80's.'' '' A kick to the head can be 20 to 100 time’s greater force than a punch.''  '' I am personally against any sport in which young athletes run the continual risk of suffering brain damage or death.''  '' Temporary probation would only drive kickboxing underground.''  '' Many real dangers are posed if kickboxing remains unregulated.'' '' Combat sports have no redeeming value in our society.''  '' Many physicians feel that kickboxing and boxing are degrading and subhuman.''  Minister Dr. Elgie suggested that brewery sponsorship partnered with kickboxing promotions should also be banned.

 The J.A.M.A. Reported.  A sports medicine physician who had presented a Report for Dr. Elgie said '' that the kick-boxing ban should have been made permanent and be extended to all forms of boxing.'' Minister Dr. Elgie in newspapers and TV repeated the same sentiments. He also said '' Regulations on boxing were adopted as the result of a 1981 Federal Task and are probably in the forefront.

The Canadian Medical Post.  Dr. Bruce Stewart a neurologist asked physicians to Kick and Tell in the Medical Post.  A physician karate practitioner replied back saying that he had treated a patient who was in a Tae kwon Do tournament who received a serious brain injury. He had expressed, like Tae Kwon Do his own karate tournaments were going the full contact route.  Hayashi knew all about these non-contact and extrajudicial contact martial art tournaments plagued with injuries. Hayashi made no recommendations to stop these illegal events serving on this rigged committee not wanting karate tournaments banned or unfairly regulated like he did with kick-boxing and boxing.

Killing two birds with one stone. Hayashi with Colclough's government regulation and legislative expertise used his position to devise and implement unfair regulations and legislation to ban pro and amateur kick-boxing in Ontario. This was accomplished by dusting off and resurrecting the application of the age old obscure S.83 Prize Fight section of the Criminal Code. Subsequently, Minister Dr. Elgie commissioned (a pre-planned ) three man safety committee. The Hudson Report consisting of two anti-boxing neurosurgeons along with Hayashi a biased traditional karate practitioner. This group exhibited apparent bias while in a conflict of interest. This alleged safety kick-boxing study, which was not peer reviewed, inexact, biased and medically flawed. Its false and pre-determined conclusion enable Hayashi and Coleclough to draft into law new unfair regulations to the detriment of their martial art competitor, kick-boxing to protect their traditional karate and Hayashi's four school from economic competition. Kick-boxing became the sacrificial lamb to destroy all forms of boxing killing two birds with one stone.


GANG OF FOUR.  Prior to the Hudson Report completion Dr. Alan Hudson's sent a letter to Minister Dr. Elgie. (If questioned on receipt of this document as to your opinion, if you could simply state that you have no opinion because you have not read it. This would firmly indicate that you were not of part of the mechanism of creating the Report.''  '' P.S. Your humble, obedient and hard-working servants intend having an alcoholic refreshment programme on the evening of May 27. Obviously we would be delighted if you and Nancy could join us. If you would, therefore, care to receive the historic document on kick-boxing in the latter part of the afternoon, we could proceed directly to the important business immediately thereafter.'' Dr. Hudson with arrogance also added to his signature the phrase The Gang of Four, Coleclough, Hayashi, Stewart and Hudson. In this Report its committee members concluded that all forms of combative fighting should be banned for life. This letter confirms and provides evidence of a conspiratorial 'gang' serving its own interests.

Kick-boxing gets banned. Minister Dr. Elgie February 15/1983 wrongfully banned amateur and professional kickboxing with the threat of Criminal action that stopped kick- boxing dead in its tracks, making headlines across Canada and the US. Hayashi was in the media spot light along with his highly advertised four karate schools.   All the players benefitted personally and financially from their ban. Hayashi had everything to lose and so much to gain being on this bias committee, hired on questionable grounds. Surely his loyalty to his traditional martial arts, ownership of his karate schools suggested a clear conflict of interest and should have raised numerous red flags. Being paid and given status and powers by the government enabled him to attempt to eliminate his martial art competition kick-boxing with boxing as collateral damage.

Hayashi advertises his conflict. With great arrogance after the Hudson Report was released, Hayashi blatantly began advertising his conflict with his karate school’s ads in the Yellow page phone directory (Consultant to the Ontario Athletic Commission on Kick Boxing and Full Contact Karate) (Consultant to the Ontario Athletic Commission on Kickboxing Research in Safety & Regulations.)  Seven years later, Hayashi in 1990 becomes the Assistant Deputy to his karate student Allan Coleclough the new Athletic Commissioner.  By then kick-boxing had become a huge fitness craze, so Hayashi with his conflict of interest, started advertising that he was now teaching Professional Kick- boxing. Off course none of these conflict breaches are included in the updated Consumer Services Conflict of Interest  Athletic policy website. Not Included, Hayashi's son, karate students, life partner and promoters of illegal unsanctioned prize fight martial art tournaments paid to work as Officials at Twin Dragon events. From February 15/1983 and on, the S.83 Prize Fight law has been misapplied and misused by Coleclough and Hayashi in Office to threaten, intimidate and wrongfully charge selected combative non-prize amateur ring fighting promoters in Ontario. In some cases defendants were coerced by Hayashi to plead guilty in order to avoid threatened incarceration or large fines with Hayashi's media threat in naming these promoters and their martial art schools in the newspapers.

When the Hudson Report was completed Colelough and Hayashi ignored Dr. Hudson's safety recommendations regarding interim regulations pertaining to Full Contact Karate, and Non-Contact amateur martial art tournaments. To protect Hayashi's best interests Coleclough via Minister Dr. Elgie passed into law just kickboxing and boxing regulations. However, Full contact karate and non-contact martial art events with all its unsafe serious injuries did not get regulated.  One would have to ask why Hayashi not insist that his own karate and extrajudicial martial art tournaments be banned or regulated as he was the martial art expert on this committee.

Ontario has no Athletic Commission. Hayashi and Coleclough with full knowledge as printed in the Hudson Report states the Ontario Athletic Commission does not exist as a government entity.  Yet Coleclough and Hayashi continued to mislead everyone.

When the Hudson Report was completed Hayashi and Coleclough and the rest of the gang hosted a victory celebration party May 27/1983 the day the Hudson Report was due. The doctors also celebrated on how they finally managed to control boxing their way with Hayashi and Coleclough knowingly creating an unfair martial art playing field that still remains illegal with both Commissioners breaching their duties to lay criminal charges as the law requires.  When in power both karate commissioners  continued to misapply the S.83 Prize Fight law with ongoing abuse, apparent bias and prejudices were extended to include the new sport of MMA with the S.83 prize fight law being kept alive as an ongoing threat to keep other sports like Thai-boxing, Muay-thai and the UFC out of Ontario.

After the victory party, it was all business. This report was filled with higher official fees, new unfair regulations, costly up front new medical monitoring fee's and fighter purses along with the separation of amateur and professional boxers competing on the same card. There was no mention of government amateur kick-boxing approval leaving the threat of criminal prosecution intact against Hayashi's martial art competitors.

The above was all part of their master plan designed for failure to have an immediate effect on boxing and kick-boxing, tailor made to eliminate and reduce these ring fighting sports to an all-time low.  Kick-boxing was put on two year probation with Coleclough managing to get Hayashi his third part time job as the Kick-boxing Programmer totally unknown to all. Boxing promoters vanished in the blink of an eye, kick-boxing promoters returned to promoting their illegal prize fight contact martial art tournaments hassle free.

Before the two year probation was up Commissioner Gray asked the McNamara to postpone their kick-boxing event because there was a government investigation into professional boxing. Gray promised he would hold their deposit and would release an official government press release with their new date. The twins adhered to his request but within days Gray was fired for allowing some boxers to compete without a valid boxing license over a period of seven years with no serious injuries occurring.  With Gray gone and all these new requirements and unfair regulations in place, things would never be the same and the unthinkable was yet to come.

Duncan Brown becomes the interim Commissioner.  With Coleclough's major influence Hayashi was hired again as a consultant. The McNamara’s were shocked to see Hayashi setting in Grays chair compelled to deal with him having no clue to the conspiracy.

From that day on Hayashi manifested his conflict of interest by having the official power to control his martial art competitor for his own best interests. Hayashi immediately puts up the first road block informing the twins that out of province kick boxer’s had to acquire a valid professional boxing license, otherwise prohibited from fighting.  In contrast, Hayashi and Coleclough deliberately used their discretion wrongfully and maliciously to destroy kick-boxing in order to obscure their bias and conceal their conflict by not excepting kick-boxing sanctioned PKA licenses from out of province fighters. The twins hired a lawyer to meet with Hayashi to challenge this nonsense.  Fearing that their conspiracy might be exposed Hayashi did not attend this meeting that went no where.

Hayashi sabotages event. Things went from bad to worse, the government press release for the new event date never happened. The government boxing ring fee suddenly increased and no longer the responsibility of the Athletic Office to supply it.  To make matters worse the ring showed up with missing parts as Coleclough was seen in the building to disappear no longer the Chief government investigator or the Assistant Deputy.  Hayashi aided by Coleclough caused this boxing license requirement, non- press release, ring and insurance increase not in the regulations and therefore clearly extrajudicial without justification. The Twins re-scheduled event was a complete disaster in every possible way, sabotaged from start to finish.

The McNamaras informed Hayashi that they would never promote another event until the license problem was resolved along with government sanctioned amateur kick-boxing being approved.  The Twin Dragons left the scene to produce their second martial art movie ‘’Dragon Hunt ‘’ thinking the aforementioned would be resolved. But Coleclough and Hayashi would come back to make sure boxing and kick-boxing stay on Death Row.

Part time Athletic Office. Things were so slow boxing wise that Dave Mitchell the new  Commissioner worked from home on a part time basses with no Deputy Assistant. Within four years Commissioner Mitchell passed away. Coleclough took the opportunity to dumb himself downwards career wise from the Chief Registrar to become the Director of Theaters and the new Athletic Commissioner in 1990 pacifically to get his karate master Ken Hayashi a government job as his new Assistant Deputy.

The Karate boys take over the Athletic Office.  Despite all these problems, professional boxing fight cards began to increase as better financed, educated and skilled boxing promoters entered the scene completely clueless to the karate boy’s master plan and their Hudson Report. Despite the separation of pro-am boxing, unfair regulations, increased official fees, upfront fighter purses and medical monitoring expenses, boxing promoters had adapted and boxing was on a comeback. However, Coleclough and Hayashi’s abuse and bias increased having gained absolute power of the Athletic Office.  Together they worked safety and match making in their favour with unchallenged wrongful discretion to put boxing back on Death Row.

How did Hayashi become the Commissioner.  Unbeknown to the McNamara’s in the six years they were away, Colclough left the Athletic Office taking early retirement to work in the private sector. David Schriven from policy conveniently replaces Coleclough who hires Hayashi as his Assistant Deputy.  Just short of one year, Schriven takes early retirement to work in the private sector and bingo Hayashi becomes the New Athletic Commissioner never to hire an Assistant Deputy.

Kick-boxing returns to Toronto. The Twins unaware of this Athletic switch a rue are stunned to find Hayashi in the Athletic Office, still operating his karate school full-time, to be told that the boxing license requirement for out of province kick boxers was still being enforced with amateur kick-boxing still deemed illegal.  In six years the karate boys made no attempts to fix these two major problems including taking no action to stop and criminally charge the promoters of illegal contact prize fight martial art events.  Despite the above the McNamara’s went all out to bring kick-boxing back to Toronto bigger than ever. Live entertainment, full TV sport coverage, the press followed their every move with CBC producing a comeback feature. Two biker gangs and the riot squad showed up, all part of their third movie ''THE RIGHT TO FIGHT'' being shot at the same time outdoors at Lamport Stadium in front of a big crowd with the Toronto skyline in the background.  With the sun setting the McNamara hosted up their fighter Paul Biafore winning his fourth World Title Belt. The twins were not bringing kick-boxing back to Toronto the way it went out six years early via Hayashi.

The McNamaras go big on St. Patrick's Day.  Five months later the twins promote a live Pay-per-view St. Patrick’s Day kick-boxing event featuring two World title fights. Un known to the twins Hayashi one month prior became the new Commissioner. Out of the blue, Coleclough shows up to be seen working with Hayashi just like they did in 1983 to ban kick-boxing.  No hello's, handshakes and good buys. This was Coleclough's way of personally handing over the Athletic Commissioner job to his close friend and karate master Ken Hayashi completing their master plan to perfection thinking no one will ever discover the truth.

The Athletics Office is a dictatorship.  The fact that the Ontario Athletic Commission does not exist as a government entity, both Commissioners ignored the Hudson Report recommendations that there be three Athletic Commissioners. The 2002 Conservative Review of professional boxing recommended the same concept that is used in many other jurisdictions. This came as a result of the boxing community’s many complaints related to Coleclough and Hayashi's abusive ruling since 1990.  Former Minister Bob Runciman brought up this same recommendation to the new Liberal Minister Jim Watson's attention at the legislative assembly in 2004. '' the fact that it was the one individual who's head of the Athletic Control Act, responsible- Ken Hayashi.'' ''so that Mr. Hayashi's decisions could be appealed to this boxing commission, so that we would have that opportunity to make sure it wasn't simply an individual decision with no recourse available.''

The karate boys had no intentions to implement three commissioners as they were quite content ruling the Athletic Office as dictator's keeping their servants at bay. The Consumer Services website confirms this dictatorship role, as printed.'' The Athletics Commissioners decision is final and cannot be appealed to the Ontario Government. '' Hayashi in his dictatorship role refuses to charge illegal prize fight contact martial art events, connected to his own conflict of interest regarding unsanctioned amateur events policy.  Yet, Hayashi grants these same illegal promoters a license to Officiate at Athletic events.

Hayashi carries the torch.  Both Commissioners worked every body over and over with fighters and promoters licking their wounds retreating from the fight game. When Coleclough retired, Hayashi carried the torch all by himself with no Deputy Assistant.  However, over the years Hayashi has recruited new co-conspirators in the amateur sport ministry.  Bias like Hayashi, they hate, despise, sensor, monopolize, persecute and label all amateur and professional sports such as MMA, Kick-boxing, Boxing, Thai-boxing, Muay-thai as blood sports and criminal. These people working with Hayashi have done the unthinkable in Canada with this government’s support to kept these sports on Death Row.

Journalists write but don’t investigate. These Hayashi abusive complaint stories have been constantly re-hashed in newspapers from 1990 to just recently in 2015.  Promoters in all three combative sports under Hayashi's ruling have said Ontario is the hardest place on the planet to promote a successful event.  Boxing promoter's like Robert Waterman from England has put cards all over the world has never experiencing anything close to Hayashi's regulations. Yvon Michel one of the leading boxing promoters’ in North America enjoying much success in Montreal has experienced Hayashi first hand having to move a World light-heavyweight fight from Toronto to Quebec City.  This was not the first big boxing event that Hayashi with malicious intent has chased away and it won’t be his last. To quote the same rederick '' no Commission in the world is as difficult to deal with as Ontario’s and that's what has all most killed the sport here. For the record (it should be no commissioner.) An experienced MMA promoter from Alberta, Mark Paveledge jumped on the band wagon when MMA in Ontario was first legalized with much fanfare and media hype, his first Toronto MMA event was his last, repeated the same Hayashi nowhere in world scenario.

Russian promoter flees Toronto. Twin Dragons kick-boxing come back is now lingering on the brink of extinction caused by Hayashi still operating his karate school while in Office. The year is 2000 and a very successfully Russian kick-boxing promoter has arrived in Toronto renting an entire floor at the Scotia Plaza.  He has plans to rent the Sky Dome and has signed the very best to fight for four World Title Belts, two of which are Twin Dragon fighters.  Also on the card, three additional heavy weight fights, movie star Chuck Norris, Choc lair and LL Cool J.  The McNamara's fearing the worst, know that the best of intentions and large injections of cash are not enough for success when the unknown odds are stacked against you. The twins inform this promoter about Hayashi's destruction of boxing and kick-boxing in Toronto. Additional advice was written in a letter, to go with a smaller venue first, reduce the amount of title fights, get to experience Hayashi and that the chances of fighters being cancelled or the event, just before show time, is real. The probability of Hayashi allowing K-ONE and low leg kick and knee strikes to take place, will not happen. Strictly kick-boxing, no Thai-fights, minus the Thai-boxing shorts. Hayashi is a die hard bias traditional karate man. This promoter as expected put the pedal to the medal buying billboards, subway, radio, TV and newspaper ads for his KBX2000 event. Ticket sales were so poor that the promoter pulled the plug one week in advance to maximize his losses before Hayashi destroyed him come show time.  Painting and furniture were sold, staff was let go, with his home being sold moving his family back to Russia. Promoters around the world know to stay away from Ontario and Hayashi. It has become the norm.

Ireland brings the McNamaras home. The Twin Dragons in 2002 promoted their last live kick-boxing event in Toronto only to fulfill their TV contractual obligations. Hayashi was still operating his karate school while in Office. The main event featured two women fighting for a vacant WKN World Title. Twin Dragons very own four times World Champion Chantal Nadon McNamara against Christine Moore from France also a World Champion. The rest of the card petted Ireland against Canada returning to Ireland for the rematch.  In the end Chantal Nadon McNamara won her fifth World WKN Title.  Everybody who came to Toronto to fight under the Twin Dragon banner said Ontario is the hardest place in the world to promote a fight card. The McNamara's returned to Belfast Ireland their place of birth to end their kickboxing promoting careers as did their six World Kickboxing Champions and countless other title belt holders all forced into early unwanted retirement caused by Coleclough and Hayashi.  But the unthinkable was on its way.

Hayashi investigates amateur boxing.  Do to complaints against Boxing Ontario regarding safety issues the government July 17th 2003 directed Hayashi to review these complaints. This review was passed over to the new Liberal government under the new Ministry of Health and Promotions headed by Minister Jim Watson. This is the same Minister June/ 2004 that ignored former Minister Bob Runcimen’s reminder of the 13 recommendations made in the Review of Professional Boxing. This is the same minister who wrongfully closed Hayashi’s complaint investigation in 2005. Then Minister Watson June/2007 directs Commissioner Hayashi to begin spot check audits on amateur sporting events with special emphasises on boxing that took three years to complete.  One month later July/ 2007 Michael McNamara files a civil action against Ken Hayashi and others lending credibility to Watson, McGuinty's deliberate choice to put politics ahead of good policy and keep boxing on Death Row.  This is the same government that has failed to Act and engage Hayashi to charge illegal prize fight martial art events with a history of serious safety injury violations. This the same Minister  who supported Hayashi’s wrongful criminal charges to rule with bias and conflict to keep boxing along with all ring fighting sports both amateur and professional on Death Row.  So much for the integrity of the Athletic Office and the government that does not give a dam about democracy, rights, freedoms, dreams, goals and the billions of dollars lost since 1983.

Hayashi’s complaint investigation closed.  With full knowledge since 2004 the government was given definitive proof by the McNamara’s regarding their martial art competitor Ken Hayashi, who ruled over them while in command of the Athletic Office owning and operating his karate schools.  An investigation against Hayashi was opened in November 2004 and closed June 2005 by Minister Jim Watson for no other reason than damage control to suppress the truth. Both Coleclough and Hayashi while in command of the Athletic Office created an unfair martial art playing field that still exists to this day. The potential for personal gain, conflict of interest, bias or, at minimum, apprehension of bias, are patent.  As a result, determinations have been made since 1990 by these two Commissioners while in Office that have the effect of negating the promotion of all ring fighting sports in Ontario.  Additional overwhelming evidence was again provided, many complaint questions related to the investigation closure were not addressed and attempts to re-open the investigation failed.  As such Hayashi’s abuses, conflict, bias, and breaches are ongoing having escalated dramatically with this government’s knowledge.

Hayashi gets sued.  With the failure of the government to properly address and Act to remove Hayashi from Office, Michael McNamara filed a One Hundred Million Dollar civil action in July/2007 against Coleclough, Hayashi and her Majesty the Queen. With his action before the courts and unresolved Hayashi and his ministry gang conspired to do the unthinkable acts to control all ring combative sports both amateur and professional in their best interests.

Amateur combative sports free at last.  Coleclough and Hayashi claimed in their statement of defense that Michael McNamara was not a member of Kickboxing Ontario and therefore not subject to supervision by KB Ontario. On the advice of the twin’s lawyer, they were now free to promote non prize amateur kickoxing events denied to them since the 1983 ban on kick-boxing. The twins jumped on this opportunity to promote amateur Kick-boxing free from Hayashi’s criminal threats.  So they thought.

Hayashi fails to charge Twin Dragons.  The McNamara’s thinking the days of Hayashi and his new gang wrongfully charging amateur promoters was a thing of the past, they thought wrong, Hayashi with bias and malice forethought with his gang in toe, engaged the police to try stop the twins amateur event and to have them criminally charged.  Their criminal lawyer intervened to inform the police, no prizes or cash awards were involved, that medical personal would be on hand and all safety features would be implemented. He stressed this event was not a criminal matter and these attempts to involve criminal procedures were improper, possibly actionable giving an ongoing civil litigation involving related issues. Further, the crowns attorney’s office decided that it was not in the public interest to prosecute amateur events pursuant to the heavy hand of the Criminal Code. However, that did not stop Hayashi.

Hayashi's keeps UFC out. When the UFC expressed their intentions to bring the sport of MMA to Toronto, Hayashi stood in their way with bias intent, continued to misapply S.83 to keep MMA and the UFC he refers to as a blood sport and illegal out of Ontario.  When MMA was in its infancy stage Hayashi publicly declared '' promoters hoping to bring the sport to Ontario will get the bum's rush.'' '' We won’t allow it.  It is not legal '' Hayashi misinformed would be promoters that there was a five year moratorium on MMA to silence them. Hayashi with his S. 83 interpretations has wrongfully and selectively criminally charged promoters of non-prize amateur MMA, Kick-boxing and Thai-boxing events.  Hayashi under the same S.83 prize fight law breaches such law by knowingly allowing Illegal cash awarded prize fight contact martial art events to exist since they took command of the Athletic Office in 1990.

Other provinces in Canada read S.83 their way to legalize MMA. Quebec never legalized professional MMA under the Unified Rules instead adopted a peculiar cousin of the sport '' Mixed Boxing '' In fact Quebec's Commission instructs its officials to ignore their own rules when the UFC comes to town.  Hayashi for numerous years acting as a bias self-ruling dictator verified in countless newspapers kept the UFC and MMA out of Ontario by using S. 83 to suit his bias interpretation of the law.

Hayashi breaches his job duties.  Additional proof of as to why boxing, kickboxing and MMA are on Death Row is confirmed in a letter sent to Hayashi in 2008 three years before MMA became legal. The sender informed Hayashi that he had the authority to submit a few new regulations for legislative approval that would make professional MMA legal in Ontario. What Hayashi did not know, was this sender had obtained Hayashi's 2001 Factor Report related to his job duties and responsibilities. Hayashi responded '' I must point out that it is not part of the duties of the Athletics Commissioner to submit proposals regarding legislation and regulations.''  This is not true.  Another related letter was sent back to Hayashi in 2011 when MMA was legalized asking him to look at his own enclosed Job Factor Report.  In part, it reads as of 2001 you had the power and authority to address my needs to draft new regulations for legislative approval for the sport of MMA.  Let’s not forget the 2002 Hunt and Lean Review of Professional Boxing and its 13 recommendations in which you did not act upon required in your job description to help the sport of boxing. Read the following parts of your job description set out below. Under Duties/Responsibilities 3) identifies and analyzes needs and trends and drafts or provide input to new /revised policy and recommendations legislative changes. Under (Knowledge) ability to assess and interpret trends in the industry, draft and/or recommend changes to legislation and established policies etc. Under Judgment.  Analyzing trends and making recommendations for legislative change.

It not my job says Hayashi.  Hayashi has told the Toronto Sun that it is not his job to '' promote'' Boxing or MMA as other commissions do. Hayashi says his ''job is to regulate the sports, period.'' Well his job factor contradicts him.  Like so many other complaint letters over many years Hayashi has someone else respond inappropriately to evade his conflict, bias and his breach and duty of care.

Hayashi charges McNamaras. June 2008 the twins promoted their first amateur event since the 1983 kick-boxing ban. Their event consisted of Kick-boxing, Thai-boxing and one MMA demonstration all on the same card representing the freedom to partake in one’s sport of choice without criminal prosecution had finally arrived.  Unbeknown to the twins, Hayashi and his gang were meeting and conspireing to find the ways and means to stop the next Twin Dragon  event. The twins held their second amateur event and some months later the McNamaras on the 18th, day of December 2008 were served and charged with six counts each under the Provincial Offences Act. Disclosure documents related to Hayashi and other ministry agents causing these charges would reveal the unthinkable acts of abuse, censorship and the denial of one’s writes and wrongful prosecution.

Anticipated Evidence.  Barbara Lyon Stewart. '' Spring 2008 my responsibilities were altered to include working with Ontario's Athletic Commissioner on a sport Safety Initiative.'' ''Confirm Ken, Grant and Barbara met with D/C Samitz at York Regional to share information we had received from CASK members as to the safety-- to discuss possible next steps for the event planned for September 28th.''

''Bryan Ozorio was informed that the YRP had spoken to the lawyer of the promoters --- and that safety precautions would be taken at event.'' '' I received an event report from a member of KB Ontario who had attended the event verifying that it had in fact occurred. ‘‘D/C Samitz indicated they would be willing to lay charges if they received the support of the Crown.'' '' Crown not willing to pursue the situation from June 19th or September 28th events.'' '' I received copies form 3 CASK members who attended the events.'' '' Attended meeting with Ken and Grant at request of CASK president-CASK members wished opportunity to share information they had received on Twin's two events on behalf of CASK to seek direction on what next steps can be taken.'' '' We are disappointed that the promoters will be allowed to continue with the event. However, ----- ensuring that it will at least be carried out as safely as possible.'' '' I am enclosing some material -----which details some work---issues, S.83 in particular. ---If you could forward this to the Crown  Attorney-----perhaps additional consideration will be given to action to be taken.'' ‘‘Hayashi and Ozoiro  providing power point presentations to D/C Samitz.'' '' The Crown Attorney they discussed it with had told them that he will not proceed with a prosecution if charges are laid-on the grounds that it would not be in the public interest to do so---given safety standards are in place.'' ''Obviously, this is a setback for us given that we depend on law enforcement.'' ''However, I imagine more promoters will be testing the limits of what they can get away with if they see nothing is happing in the way of enforcement for this and other events.''

However, this abuse and bias did not end as the criminal threats by Hayashi and others including CASK president where ongoing against Twin Dragons and other non-prize amateur promoters long after the McNamara's defeated Hayashi, CASK and other malicious agents in court. Their wrongful excuse for their ongoing police intimidation was that (all non- government sanctioned amateur combative sports are unsafe lacking proper safety standards) to justify their bogus safety sport initiative, grants, bias and jobs.

Censorship control and power.  What Twin Dragons lacked and desperately needed was mateur kick-boxing without criminal charges by Hayashi.  October 28th, 1994 the McNamara and others incorporated Ontario Amateur Kickboxing Council, OAKC for the propose of acquiring PSO recognition status. That, 1994 OAKC application sat dormant for many years for the following reasons. Several creditably witnesses described how they and other promoters were railroaded in court to plead guilty by Hayashi.  How he wrongfully charged them for promoting non prize amateur MMA and kick- boxing events filled with false safety accusations by Hayashi and others. Four years later in 2006, some of these victims met with Hayashi, Barbara Lyon Stewart to discuss getting amateur MMA-PSO recognition status. They have sworn to the following. (I bring out copies of our presentation which covers the government’s criteria and overview of  presentation Barbara slides it back to us and says) ‘‘Your sport personally disgusts me and that she won't look at any of it '' Hayashi says '' As long as I'm the Commissioner MMA will never get into Ontario.) (Barbara then explains how impossible it will ever be to get approval because she would never recommend their sport.) (Currently no National Organization so we would not be approved based on that alone.) (Barbara then boasts, as an example, how she personally has kept the Ontario Amateur Kick-boxing Counsel application twisting in the wind for seven years on her desk.) (and that if they ever did receive approval that she would find one thing wrong and pull their approved status  forever.) When she was asked how did CAMTAO (Canadian Amateur Muay Thai Association of Ontario get PSO status, Barbara replied '' They were lucky, money and politics, but the first time they screw up I will pull their approved status forever.''

Government records related to Canadian Amateur Muay Thai Association of Ontario. Where by their PSO status was revoked by the Ministry of Health and Promotions and Sport on March 19th, 2009 with Barbara Lyon Stewart's finger prints all over it.

 Also on hand records that show these witnesses had their Mixed Martial Arts Association application for PSO recognition status denied by Barbara L. Stewart's direct involvement as quoted. This process began in May 2005 and was denied May19th, 2009.  True to her word OAKC did not get PSO recognition status. Where by Barbara L. Stewart kept their application spinning on her desk for seven years plus more years used scare techniques into tricking Michael McNamara to remove himself as the president. Barbara sighted fears of lawsuits for sexual harassment, assaults, injuries etc. that would fall solely on Michael's shoulders and that the government would not support his legal defence. That was in 2005 and Mr. Nawaz somehow entered this process that was in development since October 1994.

Amateur combative sports Hayashi’s way. With the threat of a lawsuit Hayashi, Stewart came to the obvious conclusion that eventually OACK would get amateur PSO status. With amateur Kick-boxing in Twin Dragons care the sport of kick-boxing would sky rocket and that is the last thing this bias group wanted. So, twelve years later in a matter of months behind closed doors Hayashi and Stewart partnered up with their boy Mr. Nawaz, replacing OAKC with CASK.  Mr. Nawaz had full knowledge he was getting amateur kick-boxing- PSO status rather quickly from Barbara Lyon Stewart.  Corporation papers show that Mr. Nawaz opened up his new martial art school, incorporated CASK with himself as the president, treasure, secretary and director.  All the above lends credibility to witnesses statements including the following MMAA denied application record quote. '' We're facing a chicken and egg type dilemma here. Meeting Sport Canada's NSO requirements requires that we first set up a PSO, but Ontario has previously  told us that we need to first establish a NSO.'' '' When I called Sport Canada they said they were very confused with the fact that Ontario was requiring us to have a NSO before considering our PSO application. They said that was backwards.' ' To quote Barbara L.Stewart ‘‘currently no National Organization so we would not be proved based on that alone. '' This process began in May 2005 and was denied PSO status August 1st, 2008.

Hayashi tries to shut down MMA trade show.  Cask president Mr. Nawaz in 2010 by way of e-mails implies to a MMA trade show promoter that Twin Dragons amateur kick-boxing events are illegal with attempts to have him join CASK.  This MMA trade show promoter also had complaints from Hayashi over a three year period to try and stop his MMA trade show and even suggested to have the promoter change the trade mark name (MMA EXPO) to something else. A complaint letter was sent to the Minister regarding Hayashi’s abuse and interference of his economic relations where by no action was taken. Both CASK president and Hayashi were put in their place by the promoter and Hayashi was warned to back off or face a civil lawsuit.

Hayashi’s Sport Safety Initiative scam.  Hayashi and Barbara Lyon Stewart with their bias wanted to at least control government sanctioned amateur boxing, kick-boxing and Thai- boxing in their best interests.  But Hayashi has no power over amateur sport which at the provincial level is self-governed by Provincial Sport and Multi- Sport Organizations. Health and Promotions does not directly supervise or monitor amateur combative sports competitions  that are sanctioned by PSOs. In 2006 Hayashi completed his report with Boxing Ontario recommending additional measures where needed to ensure compliance with safety violations and rules. By using the Boxing Ontario report with its alleged safety violations Hayashi devised the joining of two ministries being Health and Promotions with Hayashi and with Government Services completing a memorandum of understanding approved by Minister Jim Watson. Now, Hayashi has been given additional powers to complete random safety check audits at events sanctioned by recognized  amateur combative sport PSOs. Hayashi as of July 2007 was put in charge of this  hypercritical bogus Sport Safety initiative for bias control to intimidate amateur promoters of boxing, kick-boxing and Thai-boxing he describes as BLOOD SPORTS and CRIMINAL.  Minister Watson nor Hayashi implemented any Sport Safety initiative for complaints made since 1990 against Illegal contact prize fight martial art events including the McNamara’s 2004 complaint investigation along with Michael’s 2007 civil action regarding ongoing proven serious injuries that accrue in these illegal prize fight events. Records belonging to these twenty randum safety check audits reveiled almost nothing in the way of safety infractions.  Yet Hayashi's was granted two more years of random safety audits producing not one single record for those two extended years. 

Hayashi in charge of the Amateur Combative Sports Safety Initiative along with Barbara Lyon Stewart, turn a blind eye when it comes to CASK president Muzammal Nawaz competing in professional kick-boxing events in jurisdictions that have no Athletics Commission.  Mr. Nawaz fought for a World kickboxing title in St. Johns Newfoundland in 2007, alongside a CASK amateur team and CASK officials. Mr. Nawaz can be seen on YouTube receiving a technical knockout in another event state side.  Mr. Nawaz fought for two separate World kick-boxing titles in PEI alongside a CASK amateur team in 2007 and 2008. Nawaz in October 2011 suffered a TKO in London Ontario. Five months later Mr. Nawaz in April 2012 at age 43 fought for a World kick-boxing Title in Lockport New York with two KB Ontario members working his corner.

Newfoundland, PEI and Lockport New York have no Athletic Commissions. These jurisdictions do not grant fighters licenses or except licenses from other jurisdictions. Besides, CASK Officials and its members working these illegal prize fight events, Mr. Mustafa president of KB Ontario is in partnership with Mr. Nawaz in Kick Axe Promotions Inc worked Nawaz’s corner.  As did two KB Ontario members. These ongoing repeated illegal and safety violations of KB Ontario and CASK’s own rules along with Hayashi’s breaching is Athletic Commission regulations regarding PSO’s participating in illegal prize fights and unsanctioned amateur events in non-commission jurisdictions substantiates the Sport Safety Initiative as a front to own, control, sensor, monopolize to gain personally and financially for their own best interests. These are the same CASK-- KB Ontario people that conspired with Hayashi and Barbara Lyon Stewart providing bias and tinted evidence related to the McNamara’s two amateur non prize kick-boxing events causing six POA charges that were defeated in court.

Hayashi twenty six years later.  Suddenly and inexplicably Hayashi has become an active ally with the UFC, to give false pretence to his enemies that he cares about the sports he has put on Death Row. Now Hayashi stands before the Senate Committee providing bias and false testimony supporting proposed amendments to the criminal code, regarding Bill S-201 in supporting the UFC and the sport of MMA he describes as a BLOOD SPORT and illegal. Section 83 is the same prize fight law Hayashi and Coleclough dusted off, resurrected, abused and misapplied to ban his competitor kick-boxing while keeping the UFC- MMA out of Ontario.  Not a word is said about Hayashi's long time refusal to Act and stop the hundreds of illegal contact prize fight martial art events plagued with injuries to children and adults with a lack of safety standards. Hayashi is here to give bias recommendations against unsanctioned amateur ring combative events under summary convictions to extend the six month statutory time limit. To increase stronger penalties that may deter that and enhance the safety of the fighters. To quote Hayashi ''It is clear that the amateur sports organizations WOULD BE IN CHARGE, which will FORCE all of the other un sanctioning bodies to join the recognized provincial body, there by cutting down on the number of events that are not properly run.'' Hayashi says nothing about his misuse of S.83 to wrongfully charge honest promoters while CASK and kick-boxing president participate in illegal prize fights where there are no commissions.

Hayashi gives testimony to support his gang. Commissioner Hayashi says '' now that MMA is being legalized and the province has now come out with amateur organization called ''Kickboxing Ontario'' which is going to form the amateur MMA, my concerns is that there may be other amateur organizations out there that are not recognized and do not have the risk management in place that CASK has, the recognized group, and that is my concern. It may just start to get out of control.'' Hayashi personal endorsement implies that KB Ontario and CASK with arrogant entitlement are getting additional MMA-PSO status as they are in bed together with their ongoing conspiracy against all non government unsanctioned combative groups for their own selfish and personal interests.

Hayashi allows a two fight card event. To add to the above commissioner Hayashi has with bias discretion granted Mr. Nawaz illegal assistance with his two Kick Axe professional kick-boxing events.  Mr. Nawaz’s first professional kick-boxing event competing in a World Title belt event should never have been allowed.  At all times Commissioner Hayashi has made all Ontario first time licensed fighters do no more than three rounds, even former or retired Ontario license fighters.  Nor has Hayashi allowed professional Ontario licensed professional kick-boxing fighters to bounce back and forth from professional to amateur and back, over a period of inactivate competition to fight for World Title taking place in Mr. Nawaz first professional event.  Mr. Nawaz’s second professional kick-boxing event was allowed to continue with only TWO fights on the card with one the World Title Belts fights being scratched as a result of excessive overweight.  Hayashi has never given any kick-boxing or boxing promoter the luxury of not having to cancel their event whereby the promoter must refund all the money for sold tickets.  Mr. Nawaz was sparred all the above and more by Hayashi and company.

The real reason why McGuinty approved MMA.  Everyone in Ontario thinks that Dalton McGuinty legalized MMA for the people and for the economy of Ontario, are dead wrong. Dalton McGuinty unconstitutionally legalized MMA in Ontario all timed for votes, just to get re- elected. To make matters worse, he has stuck Ontario MMA promoters and their fighters with Hayashi, to include his 1983 unfair regulations to keep Boxing, Kick-boxing and MMA on Death Row.   This government has been given an opportunity to end this unjust oppressive embarrassing combative sport conspiracy to bring back these sports and the hundreds of millions of dollars lost annually since1983 with a simple solution to fix it.  It’s a no brainer, a simple task, a win, win for all.

In 2009 only three of the 13 recommendations made in the 2002 Conservative Review of of Professional Boxing in Ontario has been proposed on the governments website to be amended in order to modernize Ontario’s boxing regulations.  As of 2015 nothing has been acted upon adding to the government’s disinterest not to do THE RIGHT THING.

Lennox Lewis wants to bring back boxing to Toronto.  Lennox Lewis left Toronto for England to become the undisputed heavy weight Boxing Champion of the World, otherwise he would have experinced commissioners Coleclough and Hayashi first hand to prevent him like so many others from becoming a World Boxing Champion in order to kept the Boxing, Kick-boxing and MMA on DEATH ROW.

Commissioner Hayashi has retired with his replacement carrying the same dictatorial torch with this government’s support to keep these sports on DEATH ROW.  Hayashi thinks he will retire in silence and things will go on as they have with the public having no knowledge to the worlds only ring combative sport conspriacy. Think again.