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We are dedicated to making films that appeal to a world-wide marketplace, not just the one here, north of the border. Every film we undertake, whether it be a short film or feature, is made with commitment, dedication and excitement.

Our films can easily fulfill the current needs of today's audiences. - Often described as cynical, alienated, aimless and angst-ridden, audiences today are simply tired of formula pictures with cardboard heroes.

While searching for an identity, this audience has embraced the ideals, fashion, music and attitudes of the 70s as their own. The going was tough and it was expressed in the movies of the day. They carried with them a tough-mindedness that is not often present on the screen today. Movies were made that you had to watch. Many had unfamiliar shapes, intricate plots and new narrative structures. They began late, they switched course, they didn't say one character was reliably good while another was write-off bad. They simply didn't stick to the rules.

  Twins with Ralph Sasso attending the AFM in Los Angeles, CA
 Twins attending the screening of their film "Dragon Hunt" at the Cannes Film Festival

The Real Twin Dragons

Please do not label this film as just another typical Martial Arts flick! “The Real Twin Dragons” is a true, one of a kind story that is totally unique in the film world.

This film has been re-titled back to its original name ''THE RIGHT TO FIGHT'' and was premiered on the eve of the Toronto Film Festival in 2005.  The Twins were not happy with its true to life ending and decided to make no attempts to sell it at that time.  Instead they filed a 100 Million Dollar Lawsuit against the past & present Athletic Commissioners and the Ontario Government. The goal is to expose the truth behind a government conspiracy against all combative ring fighting sports in the Province of Ontario. This film will not be ready for sale or distribution until a fair settlement is finalized with a clean sweep of the Athletic Office and the removal of old and unfair regulations which would include the approval of new regulations to allow for Muay-Thai and Thai-boxing. Only then will this film be ready for sale with a true to life happy ending.          

The sound track is composed of original all Canadian music that rocks! The action is fast and furious and very real without blue screens, wires, computerized scenes or unnecessary special effects.

Locations: Toronto, Ireland and USA

Dragon Hunt

Michael and Martin McNamara

Mad man Jake and his People's Private Army set the captured twins loose on an island with vicious killers hot on their trail. Out-numbered and out-gunned, the twins are in trouble! Mick and Martin are the underdogs but they have a reputation to fight their last breath!
The hunters become the hunted as the game takes a deadly turn! The world champion kick-boxing twins leap into action in DRAGON HUNT!

Twin Dragon Encounter

Michael and Martin McNamara

TWIN DRAGON ENCOUNTER is about the celebrated identical-twin martial artists (kung fu and kick boxing), who take their girlfriends to a remote island for what they hope will be a quiet, relaxing vacation. They however, are terrorized by a group of weekend mercenaries. Despite the twins efforts to avoid trouble and enjoy their holiday, the girls are kidnapped and the twins although vastly out-numbered must fight for their safe return.

This movie is part of a music video!! The band, "National Anthem" included many clips from our movie in the music video for their song, "Sweet Revenge". 

They have given all of Canada's stations the video for "Sweet Revenge" so help support these guys and Twin Dragons by request it on the following stations:

You can always call your local radio station to get the song "Sweet Revenge" played anytime!

The Twins have also appeared in other movies from lead roles to bit parts and TV commercials. 

                          MOVIES: Dirty Tricks, Title Shot, Robo Cop, Back In Action, Cinderella Man