Twin Dragon Kung-Fu & Kick-Boxing club was established in 1972, named after its founders identical twin brothers Martin & Michael McNamara. The Twins were born in Belfast Ireland to working class parents who immigrated to Toronto Canada in search of a better life.
They joined a karate club in 1965 which lasted until 1970.  They competed in martial art tournaments throughout the United States winning their fair share of trophies and on many occasions found themselves fighting each other for first and second place trophies.  Paul Moran who's mother came to Canada on the slave train from the United States took the twins under his wing and wisdom until a car accident ended his life too soon.    
With the Twins tough background growing up in Belfast Ireland along with their small stature, they left traditional karate and moved on and found Paul Chan, their new Kung-Fu Master at the Hung Luck club in Toronto.  The Twins received their Red Sashes some years later and once again decided that if styles were to be changed, re-invented it was time to go out on their own.  In 1972 the Twin Dragon Club was founded and it has been "THE TWIN DRAGON WAY" ever since.  (See You Tube.)   Action speaks louder than words and the "proof is in the pudding".  The Twins have a long list of successful firsts in what they have accomplished. They are willing to go all out and win at all cost for what they believe in and live for.   38 years later the McNamaras are the only ones willing to engage in a worthy legal battle against the Government of Ontario and the Athletics Commissioner Ken Hayashi and other government agents for the ''The Right To Fight''. To end this unjust and oppressive highly embarrassing ring combative sports conspiracy.

              Twin Dragons                                  
    Martin & Michael McNamara