This is the area to get all the information on some of the Twin Dragon fighters as well as other champions the Twins have helped get to the top and the Twins themselves. We begin with a few photos and bios and will soon add some of the fight clips and real-audio interviews!

The Twins
The founders of the original Twin Dragons Kung-Fu & Kick-Boxing club

Chantal Nadon (McNamara)
  Pro Kick-Boxer
ISKA World Champion (2X Super Flyweight and Flyweight), FFKA World Champion (Feather weight), WKN World Flyweight Champion, ISKA North American Freestyle Champion (Bantam weight), FFKA Canadian Champion (Feather weight)

Robert Borden
- Pro Kick-Boxer
K.I.C.K. World Middleweight Champion

Vince Garisto -
Pro Kick-Boxer
New York State Light Middleweight Champion

Jason Battiste -
Pro Kick-Boxer
FFKA Canadian Middleweight Champion, TDKBA Canadian Super Middleweight Champion

Steve Shultz - Pro Kick-Boxer
TDKBA Canadian Middleweight Champion

Rico Tatangelo -
Pro Kick-Boxer
F.F.K.A. World Light Middleweight Champion

Roger Ying -
Pro Kick-Boxer
FFKA Canadian Light weight Champion, US Superlight weight Champion

Mike Reid -
Pro Kick-Boxer
F.F.K.A. World Middleweight Champion

Paul Biafore - Pro Kick-Boxer
3 time World Welterweight Champion, P.K.C., F.F.K.A., I.S.K.A.