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No one in Ontario had the guts to stand up to Hayashi with his S. 83 criminal threats with regards to amateur ring combative events, except the Twin Dragons who challenged, promoted, got charged and defeated Hayashi in court while Michael McNamara's civil lawsuit against Hayashi, this government and others was before the courts and unresolved for the RIGHT TO FIGHT and the FREEDOM OF CHOICE.     


There is a provincial election coming

and you can help by...

Sending your complaints via e-mail or letter to

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

Minister Eleanor McMahon, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport                                 9th, Floor Hearst Block                                                                                                      900 Bay Street                                                                                                               Toronto ON. M7A  2E1  
                                                                                                                                           OR EMAIL: emcmahon.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org

Sample letter or email:

Kindly address my concerns as your ministry has direction over amateur and professional sports.  You must take immediate action to end 4 decades of systemic persistent discrimination and bias against all ring combative sports in Ontario ---- Remove the unfair martial art playing field ---- Allow for non-government amateur safety approved combative sports the permission to promote their amateur events ---- Clean the Athletic Office up once and for all with the removal of Hayashi and Coleclough's unfair regulations for professional ring combative sports ---- Introduce new regulations for the betterment of these sports ---- Allow for the addition of professional Muay-thai and Thai-boxing under the Athletic Control Act with their striking technics already in use via pro/MMA events.   
                                                                                                                                         Implementing the aforementioned is the right thing to do for democracy and the public at large. Failure to act will enrage the public and embarrass all Canadians.      

c.c. Premier Kathleen Wynne



Premier Kathleen Wynne                                                                                 Legislative  Building                                                                                                                  Queen's  Park,                                                                                                                         Toronto Ontario M1A 1A1
Sample letter or email:

Please see enclosed letter sent to your college Minister Eleanor  McMachon. It is incumbent of you to take immediate action as it is your moral duty as the Premier of Ontario and as a Canadian to act in a manor fitting of your position.
As a tax payer, fight fan and sport enthusiast, McGuinty yourself and your ministers did absolutely nothing to address and fix these sport atrocities posted on the Twin Dragon website.                                  
Both McGuinty and yourself with your actions and non actions have contributed  significantly to this ageless embarrassing sport systemic problem and the erosion of democracy, equal rights, justice and the right to make an honest living in the sport of one's own free choice.  Not to mention hundreds of millions of dollars lost annually for four decades that comes with big time combative fight events and global TV exposure to boast tourism in our great city Toronto.  
I was taken back after reading The real story behind the death of Boxing, Kick-boxing  and MMA in Ontario. It appears that the Athletic Commission does not exist as a government entity.  This non-commission has unconstitutionally been operating since 1990 by former Commissioners Allan Colclough and just retired Ken Hayashi in a dictatorial fashion with a blatant conflict of interest and bias against their martial art competitors the sport of Kick-boxing they help to ban in 1983 to end up abusively ruling over with boxing as collateral damage that was extended the new sport of MMA.
Since 1990 to when Hayashi retired December/ 2017 this non-commission has not ruled in a democratic fashion but in the role of an oppressive dictatorship requiem.  Coleclough and Hayashi have left us with their unfair drafted regulations designed for failure as history has proven to be unworkable, unreasonable, unaffordable and unjustified with regulations that do not exist in any other jurisdiction on planet earth.  
Just recently I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Martin McNamara one of the  Twin Dragons who informed me that Michael has in writing offered you, Premier Kathleen Wynne a chance to settle his lawsuit with a fair monitory settlement to include 22 recommendations to make Toronto the Mecca City for all ring combative sports that would be a win win for all in this province along with a enormous infusion of money for years to come.  
With an election forthcoming I would strongly advise that you take immediate action and change the course of history.  
                                IT'S TIME TO FIGHT BACK

 Your sport-- your business-- your schools--- your way of life-- your freedom of choice has and is being taken   
                                    from you. 

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  If you have experienced Colclough or Hayashi as Commissioners first hand in the fight   
     game, or have any information regarding Ken Hayashi's Aiki Kempo Karate schools.

                               Please e-mail us at info@twin-dragon.com