FU - I Ain't Lyrics

Nö government - no minister - no civil servant - no lawyer -no Law Society - will never --ever-- take me down

I'm a family man - I got a whole list of do's and don'ts - so listen up people

FU - I ain't gonna get depressed - get stressed out - go rolly polly - lose my hair - lose my mind -... go insane - jump off a bridge

FU - I ain't gonna get pissed drunk - drive my car - smash it -crash it --kill somebody start a fight - fall on my face - lose my teeth puke - piss in my pants - pass out - wake up where am I - who am I -- she lying

FU - I ain't gonna snort - sniff -. swallow take uppers - downers - in betweeners bend over --- get on my knees - go fink -- go chicken shit - go hypocrite

FU.-| ain't gonna wave a white flag - I ain't gonna surrender - I ain't going go down with the ship

I'm a working class family man - I got calluses on calluses - I got scars on scars - I've had mortgages on mortgages - I've paid juice on juice - I've worked double shifts, triple shifts - I've worked around the clock - I've done odd jobs - dirty jobs - dangerous jobs - any and all jobs to pay my bills - to case my dreams my money is clean - it ain't dirty

I am a family man- from start to finish be it the good times - bad times- hard times -any - and all times

Listen up people - I'm a me too man the government has been gang banging me for decades and it hasn't stopped Truth be - they didn't pay me to shut my NDA mouth my lips will never - ever - stop flapping or yapping 

Na worry - you mothers of all mothers - na worry

Na worry - you mothers of all mothers - na worry

you will be held accountable - you will be shamed

FU - come on you all - I dare you- I double dare you -- bring it on - sue my NDA white ass take me to court - charge me - prosecute me, convict me - suck my bank account dry - put me out of business - retire me -isolate me ---take my pension money - take my freedom -. destroy my dreams -. you destroy my marriage - you hurt my kids 

You all - done what you done - you all did what you did - it is what it is - it ain't right - it ain't justice

Come on - you Law Society hypocrites 

Come on - you government gangbangers

bring it on - sue my NDA white ass

I've had pressure all my life - I can deal with it

I can take lt - I'm a survivor

FU - I ain't a nobody - I am a somebody - you ain't closing the file on me - I ain't -falling through the cracks - I ain't gonna be your for gotten man

I got news for you all you ain't never ever gonna take me down and I ain't finished expressing myself.