An Excerpt from Mick's Book to be  releasing along with the film.


This story is not about scandalous doping or steroid abuse in Olympic and professional sports. Nor is it about corruption betting or sex abuse by predatory coaches.

This story is about decades of systemic discrimination and bias against all ring combative sports with fear induced criminal threats and malicious prosecution. 

One David against so many Goliath's. The ultimate underdog taking on the Ontario Government, ministers, civil servants and corrupt lawyers protected by the Law Society.  All playing by their own rules, all playing on the same team.

Toronto used to be the capital city for boxing in Canada. Back in the days boxing greats like George Cavaulo, Clyde Gray and boxing last big claim to fame Lennox Lewis was the talk of the town. Willie DeWit, Shawn O'Sullian and Dale Walters were household names after the Olympics. Kickboxing was replaced by MMA eventually being legalized in Ontario scattering all UFC attendance records.  Despite its enormous success, Ontario MMA went down the highway to nowhere with boxing and kick boxing to linger on DEATH ROW. How is it possible the great city of Toronto that has hosted these ring combative sports, once so popular end up on Death Row? 

The very notion that one's basic right to make an honest living and to partake or promote in the sport of his or her own free choice, can be denied, is unthinkable. To achieve one's competitive goals living life through one's sport without fear of being criminally threatened, charged and maliciously prosecuted is unthinkable. To be characterized as subhuman because one engages in ring combative sports is unthinkable in the province of Ontario. Stop thinking, it's true.

My brother Martin and I were one of the biggest Kick Boxing promoters in North America. We would have surely evolved into the new sport of MMA to be as big as the UFC, or at best the biggest competitor having done it all in Toronto Ontario Canada before the UFC was born. They took our identity, our way of life and who we are. The Twin Dragons

By: Mick McNamara