Details on the Mick private theatre screening will be posted soon.

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We invite the general public and esteemed members, past and present, of the Twin Dragon community to join us in a momentous endeavour. 

 The time has come to bring our cinematic vision to its glorious completion. We are on the verge of capturing the final scene of our extraordinary film, MICK, while simultaneously preparing to record a captivating new song titled "The Finger".

 Rain or shine we will have one theatre rented during the festival!

This is more than just a film; it is a heartfelt testament to the spirit of our nation. We implore you to be part of this remarkable journey by making your generous contributions. Together, we can ensure that our remarkable story leaves an indelible mark on the canvas of Canadian cinema.

Experience the making of history with MICK - a film that will leave you astounded, captivated, and utterly entertained. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of shocking revelations, intense drama, nail-biting suspense, uproarious humor, and pure entertainment.

We invite you to support our film by making a donation starting at $20. By doing so, you secure a seat at our special screening.

The Twin Dragons, Mick and Martin McNamara, are excited to meet and greet you at our screenings. They are thrilled to share this incredible cinematic experience with you.

Mick - Official Film Teaser

Prepare to be immersed in an epic struggle spanning four decades, as MICK unveils a gripping tale of government confrontation against the indomitable Twin Dragons. This thrilling action docudrama ingeniously weaves together previously unseen footage and a captivating unreleased film, unveiling a shocking conspiracy within the world's only ring combative sport. Brace yourself for a journey that unveils unfathomable injustices inflicted upon the resilient twins.

Witness the extraordinary true story of one man, akin to David facing countless Goliaths, as he valiantly battles against physical, mental, and financial onslaughts. Against all odds, MICK remains unwavering, driven by a steadfast determination to expose the truth, hold the responsible parties accountable, and finally secure justice.

This is not merely a cinematic experience—it is a window into a real-life struggle against insurmountable odds. MICK will ignite your senses, leaving you spellbound as you follow the incredible journey of survival, the pursuit of truth, and the triumph of justice.


Trouble is a cool funky song the twins live by in real life. If you bring trouble to the twins they won't be running away. Music by Lyle Muskat.


" One David. Fighting So Many Goliaths..."

This song is about corrupt individuals in the government and the legal system using unlawful means to take down a working class family man who informs them as to how he survived their abuse. Never to be taken down. Held accountable and shamed by way of his book and movie self titled ''MICK'' Lyrics by Mick McNamara----Music by Lyle Muskat.

Lyrics Click Here



Twin Dragon Encounter

The celebrated identical-twin martial artists (kung fu and kick boxing), take their girlfriends to a remote island for what they hope will be a quiet, relaxing vacation. They however, are terrorized by a group of weekend mercenaries. Despite the twins efforts to avoid trouble and enjoy their holiday, the girls are kidnapped and the twins although vastly out-numbered must fight for their safe return.  

Dragon Hunt

Mad man Jake and his People's Private Army set the captured twins loose on an island with vicious killers hot on their trail. Out-numbered and out-gunned, the twins are in trouble! Mick and Martin are the underdogs but they have a reputation to fight their last breath! The hunters become the hunted as the game takes a deadly turn!

Right To Fight

Based on a true-to-life story of identical twins Mick and Martin McNamara other wise known as the Twin Dragons. Their troubles begin when the government enforces a total ban on the sport of kickboxing. The twins in defiance stage a comeback World Kickboxing event. In an attempt to prevent the show and discredit the twins they are kidnapped. The twins have 18 hours to escape and fight there way to the their event as the fans of the sport await their arrival. Right To Fight is completed and a trailer is on the way.